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"My husband and I recently had an extremely positive experience with Maureen Fraser. From the start, Maureen was knowledgeable and professional. She helped guide us through the selling process and was there for us every step along the way. Our home sold in 1 week! She continued to support us throughout the process and I would highly recommend her as a realtor who became a friend." ~ Donna Hoffman



"Maureen helped me find my home in Collierville. I've moved 14 times and Maureen is by far one of the best realtors that I've worked with. She has a great knowledge of the area and seems to know everyone. I like her honesty with any question that I had. She was so helpful in getting me into an area where it suited me best. She's so pleasant and it was fun working with her...making the whole process a great experience.I'd recommend Maureen to anyone who wants a realtor who has knowledge, time, a realistic sense of the market and is so pleasant. Thanks, Maureen!!" ~ Mary Beverly



"Maureen is an incredible realtor. She helped me find a home and close within 30 days. Her knowledge, professionalism, and work ethic can't be surpassed. Throughout the entire process she made me feel like I was her only client. She was always fast to respond to calls or texts, and she always went above and beyond to handle matters very quickly. I feel incredibly fortunate that someone referred her to me. You will not find a better realtor!" ~ Scott Johnson



"Just had a wonderful experience with my realtor Maureen Fraser! Sold my house within 4 hours of listing and helped me search for a new home. She never showed any agitation at my pickiness and preferences! Was willing to show houses after work hours and weekends. Put up with numerous texts and answered any questions and concerns. I had a few issues with sellers at closing but she and Stephen Johnson with Closetrak were on it and made it all work out! I highly recommend Maureen Fraser, John Green & Co. Realtors!" ~ Staci Jones



“We have worked with numerous real estate professionals in the last ten years, and are very demanding customers. Maureen Fraser exceeded our expectations during our home purchase process.  She researched and showed us a large number of properties and was flexible in terms of working around our schedules.  She is well connected in the community and thus knowledgeable on schools, neighborhoods, and local real estate matters.  During the process, we submitted offers on multiple properties, and she was an aggressive negotiator. Bottom line - we give her our highest recommendation.” ~ Mike and Julie Ziomek



"Maureen is extremely knowledgeable and professional! She knows Collierville like the back of her hand and can give excellent advice depending on your individual needs. She helped my family find our forever home and we couldn't be more pleased. She definitely went above and beyond on the day of closing. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home. She is a delight to work with!" ~ LeighAnne Bennett



"Maureen is 'IT' when it comes to Collierville Real Estate. There is no one that knows more about the town or the market. You will always receive exceptional service and the best buying and selling experience in Town. I don't know how does it all but she does and she can't be beat!" ~ Kimberly Foster


"When buying a house, we had a lot of requirements on a budget. Maureen worked so hard to find us exactly what we needed. She knows everything about Collierville and made our first home buying experience easy!" ~ Amanda Paige


"Thanks for helping us with our dream house!" ~ Jenell Jones


"You're definitely the best! We are grateful for your help every time we sold and purchased homes." ~ Amy Compeau


"Maureen is phenomenal! My wife and I have dealt with six other realtors in the past and she's really on top of her game. We picked her because another house in our neighborhood listed with John Green sold in just a few days. It was at a high price for this neighborhood. Maureen met us and we liked her. She took excellent pics of the house and came up with a price that was higher than other prices in our neighborhood. She put our listing online and we had an offer the next day. It was on the market for just 12 hours and the offer came in exactly what we listed it as. We could not have been happier! She's very professional and takes pride in her work. Maureen is an easy person to get to know and talk to. She's always responded quickly when I've needed to reach her. When I'm asked who I recommend, I tell friends to see Maureen because she treats every client the same, no matter how big or small the home is. She gives very professional attention. If you're working with her, you're very fortunate because she has a lot of knowledge.” ~ Frank Clough, Collierville, TN


"I had the pleasure of working with Maureen as a buyer and a seller all within a year. I wouldn't recommend that, but because of Maureen's experience, warmth & professionalism, the process became less stressful. Thank you, Maureen!" ~ Suzanne Snyder


“Maureen is awesome! I've bought and sold five houses with her and a very happy repeat customer.  She's just great!” ~ Perry Christiansen, Cordova, TN


“We are huge Maureen fans! We’ve worked with a number of realtors over the years. My wife and I like her by far more than any other realtor we've worked with. She's outstanding and replied quickly to calls. She's very attentive to what interests you and what you want in a house. She's very patient and diligent in showing you a whole host of houses that would be right for you. She's fantastic with the business aspect and just a great person in general.  We just love the house we have. Maureen showed us almost 20 houses when we came from Cincinnati to look. The next time we came down, she put together eight houses for us to look at plus the one we saw online. She was great working with us to put the offer together and the process of countering back and forth. Maureen is a total professional.  She gave us a ton of information when we were in the process of moving to Tennessee. She definitely went above and beyond. All of her local recommendations helped make the transition to living here go smoothly. Maureen is a never-ending resource."  ~ Tom and Sheila Tulloss, Collierville, TN


"Maureen is a great agent and an even better person. It is amazing how she can accomplish all she does in her business, political and personal life." ~ Larry Boyd


“You are a great agent and I am so thankful I chose you. Never felt stressed, you knew how to keep me calm. You made it a peaceful transition and I am truly grateful!” ~ Linda Hartwell


"Maureen is available in the demanding world we're in now. We've bought and sold 4 houses with her in the last 8 years. She's responded late at night when we've contacted her, and always helpful and available. She goes above and beyond researching the houses she thinks would be a good fit for you. She doesn't waste your time or hers. Maureen is definitely your advocate. She stands up for you, negotiates effectively and will ensure that you're happy. Everybody that we've referred to her has been extremely happy with her as well and that makes us feel good. She has a great personality, excellent reputation and strong ties to the community. She has made a name for herself in a substantial, positive way. We've relocated out of state, but if we come back to the Memphis area, we're definitely calling Maureen!" ~ TJ and Jen Rivera


"Maureen is on top of any and all upcoming changes to the Town of Collierville ... she knows the market like NO ONE ELSE!! She is a top seller at John Green Realtors. After experiencing her selling my house in Bartlett and buying my house in Collierville, her integrity and ethics in dealing with difficult sale and purchase - I couldn't help but want to be her friend! She is awesome and I have NEVER heard or seen a bad comment about her! You will never regret working with Maureen - I can personally guarantee it!" ~ Margaret Merriam Wilson



"Maureen Fraser is the best!" ~ Ellen Dunn Wilbanks


“Maureen is personable, approachable and knowledgeable. We started looking in Collierville and we ended up buying in Eads. She was very patient with us and we were with her for about six months looking for a home. We had plenty of time to look and she was confident she'd find a home for us, and she did! She really knows the area. She does thorough research and has great contacts. We love all the tools she provides to clients too! She's no-nonsense, not pushy and just a great person. She stays on top of the situation and is very helpful. She really goes out of her way. She helped us by going above and beyond when we were closing. We really got to know Maureen and trust her. She is effective, efficient and knows what needs to be accomplished.” ~ Claire and Bill Wilkinson, Eads, TN


"Maureen Fraser is wonderful!" ~ Kami Smith


"Maureen goes above and beyond! She lives with a phone on her hip and she's very quick. She made buying this house seem effortless. She was on top of the inspection and guided us. She REALLY knows Collierville!  We sold a Collierville house and she helped us buy our current home here.  When we get ready to sell again in the next year or two, I will definitely use her as our realtor again.  I see how she operates and she's fantastic.  I felt comfortable with her because she's on my level and understands what we need.  My husband and I recommend her to friends.  I knew we were downsizing and she knows the ins and outs of Collierville.  She is very honest with us. Maureen makes you aware of things you need to know, even if it means she risks losing a sale. I felt she wasn't hiding anything and we trust her completely. She is always helpful and she even showed us a house at 5:30 pm on her birthday! I recommend her because she is always on top of it!"  ~ Dorean and Steve Collins


"Maureen has been wonderful to work with, always quick to respond to calls/texts/emails. She knows so much about Collierville and future plans in the Town - she's amazing!" ~ Monica Childress


“Maureen is down to earth. She understands your budget and family needs. She has very good advice on the comps. She discusses things openly both good and bad about the property and is upfront with all the details. You know the risks and the positive aspects. She researches things like utility costs over the past 5 years and school information. She has it all at the tips of her fingers. That reduces research time. We were able to validate everything she told us and we trust her. Maureen was able to quickly get us into the properties that met our criteria. That was so important to us, especially in a tight market. She sets up multiple home visits to reduce your travel time. We saw several properties during each of our visits to Collierville from Bartlett. She even helped us out with last-minute requests too! When we finally put an offer in, she was very helpful with the paperwork. She was great at answering all of our questions. She makes it personal with you. It's not just a business transaction to her. She treats you like a friend which is different from other realtors. She makes personal contact with you and your family. When you talk to Maureen, you know that you're more than just a client. She cares about your family. We consider her a friend to this day."  ~ Timothy James, Collierville, TN


"Maureen is your go-to person for all your real estate needs!" ~ Laurie Stringer Moorhead


"Maureen knows and understands Collierville. We were atypical clients and we have special home needs both interior and exterior. She's balanced and will let you know if something is right or not. She respects her clients' knowledge and she never tried to rush us or sway us. We worked with her for almost a year. It took a while to discover the right house, and when we found one that met our needs, we were ready. She didn't push us in a certain direction or pressure us to go over our budget. We relied on Maureen to help us evaluate the home we ended up buying. We trusted her and valued her opinion. We felt that she got to truly know us and know our limits. She has a lot of knowledge and expertise to share and a fun sense of humor. Once we met her, we never searched further. We felt comfortable from the beginning. Our situation is different from most of her clients, but she was very patient. She was confident we'd find the right home and we just recently closed on it! Before the sale and after the sale, she has been a great resource. She gives us the connections to people we need to get estimates for things that need to be worked on at the house. Maureen will respond in the evening or off-hours. She always finds a way to get back to us quickly to answer our questions." ~ Anita and Marc Sherman, Collierville, TN


"I tell my friends to contact Maureen Fraser! She is active with the schools and a realtor. She is Vice Mayor and knows Collierville!" ~ Karen Cichocki


“Maureen’s communication with us was excellent! For my wife and I, that was so important and the reason we picked her. She's a busy realtor and you can look at how many listings she has and how many she sells, but she makes you feel like you're her only customer. That was what other people told us about her too. Pretty much everyone we knew recommended her. She also provides absolutely outstanding pictures. Photographs are so important. The online images will sell your home in most cases. People look online first. Her listings are REALLY well done. She provides an excellent description and photos. It makes people want to come to visit your home. I have past real estate experience, so I can recognize a good listing and she does an amazing job. Maureen has close ties with education and knows a lot about the schools in Collierville. She did a great job selling my home, and I was impressed that she was at both my closing and the appraisal. This isn’t common with realtors. If I had been purchasing an existing home instead of building, I would have used Maureen to buy a home as well. Maureen is not only a great realtor, but she also has an outstanding personality. She's very real. It's not JUST about the real estate with her. I was really pleased and I would not recommend anybody else." ~ Alan Baumer, Collierville, TN


"Maureen Fraser is awesome!" ~ Donna White Garrett


“Maureen is wonderful! She has sold two homes for me and I have purchased two homes with her. I've seen both sides of the fence. She's amazing and quick to answer calls both day and night. I've referred her three times and everyone I referred is happy with her. She really knows Collierville! I even recommended her for a Cordova home purchase. She is an amazing, astounding lady. I have known her as a mother since we were fellow parents in our Collierville Schools. We did Girls Scouts and PTA activities together. She's a great resource! Maureen has a team she calls upon for landscaping, home repair and anything you need. She knows people who do outstanding work. She can call someone to help you and always goes above and beyond. I don't think she sleeps! She is truly a great lady!" ~ Jeannie Christiansen, Collierville, TN


"Maureen was awesome for us!" ~ Sara Hendrix


"It is a pleasure to recommend Maureen as an expert in her field. I obtained a valid sales contract on my house in Collierville in just a few days. I selected Maureen after doing my homework on Realtors in the area, and she was head and shoulders above anyone else I reviewed. She is professional, trustworthy, compassionate, and listens. Then, she gets the job done in the most pleasant way.  She was attentive to all of my suggestions about showcasing my home, and we worked together very well to accomplish the sale. I am now residing in Florida; but if I were still in Collierville, I would not hesitate to call on her expertise again." ~ Carol Davis, FL



"Maureen worked sooo long with us to find the right house, but she never gave up. Thanks for your hard work, Maureen!" ~ David Phillips-Burk


“Maureen is professional, personable and an all-around good person in every way you can imagine.  We've moved several times and she is the best realtor I've met in my life.She is just wonderful and she'd get right back whenever I would call her. She watched out for some things to help us. She recommended we have an engineer look at the property to make sure there weren't any foundation problems. She had a lot of tips and she helped us with an inspector. She gave us a few referrals for other services too. She's such a great resource! She's just a nice person. She did such a great job helping us buy a house when we were relocating from Hershey, PA.  What's really nice is that she would just take us to houses that she felt would interest us. She didn't waste our time and she really worked FOR us and watched out for us. She's just so helpful!  When my husband and I needed to get our gutters cleaned, we asked Maureen who to call. She recommends people to us and also some great online resources like the Town of Collierville page and other Facebook groups specific to Collierville.  She is a great person to ask questions.  She made us feel at home. Collierville is a really nice community and we now feel at home here.  Maureen was a big part of that."  ~ Lynn Campbell, Collierville, TN


"I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Maureen Fraser with John Green and Company. If you are going through the real estate process, she is the lady to have on your side! She had a contract on my home in less than a week!" ~ Jonathan Wilkinson


"You're not just getting a real estate agent, you're getting someone who is connected to the community and answers questions about living and working in Collierville. This is especially important for people who are new to the area. She knows about things being planned in Collierville and is always in the loop. She has so many relationships around the area. Maureen is well connected, well informed and greatly respected. She's on the ball. That's a complete understatement too. Maureen's not just on top of your transaction, she's on top of the other side too! When it comes to inspection, if things need to get fixed quickly, she knows the people to call to get it done fast. The repair professionals know her and trust her and things just happen quickly for her. She knows the schools and can tell you about zoning now and what's coming up in the future. She has insight that's so important to know. It's the being so very connected to the community that makes her special. It's not just real estate with her, she makes it more personal. I still call her and ask her for recommendations for everything (roofing, handyman, etc.).  She knows a lot about this town and has lived here for a long time. My husband and I have bought and sold two times in Collierville in less than two years. She helped us tremendously. I highly recommend her.  I felt like Maureen was always in touch. I could always get a reply quickly by text, calling her or by email. She stayed on top of things really well. She also kept up with the other realtor involved and would always follow up if they were getting close to missing a deadline. Nothing slips through the cracks with her. She made it really easy for us."  ~ Liz Castellaw, Collierville, TN


"Maureen Fraser is awesome! She knows Collierville and she is super professional! Great character, honest, and dependable!" ~ Susan Ishee Green


"Maureen really is the BEST!!!!!!" ~ Becky Huelsing


"Maureen is tireless. If she's not with a client, she answers her phone and is very responsive. If you leave a message or email, she replies quickly. We've known her for years. Even when we were selling our house and in the middle of it, asking her numerous questions, she got back to us fast. If she didn't know the answer, she found out the information. She sold our house and we bought another house which was a foreclosure. She stayed with it for us. She also helped my daughter buy a house. One time, she went out of her way to help us with some water testing. She drove all the way up to Bartlett to help me out. She keeps things in perspective. Her family and clients come first. She is very dedicated. She has a lot of contacts and knows a lot of people. If you need something fixed, she knows multiple painters, handymen, ANYTHING you need! She stays with things until they're taken care of. She IS busy but she thrives on it. She loves people and she loves to help them. She loves Collierville." ~ Jeri and Ricky Adair



"We love Maureen!" ~ Hollie Blakely Marszalek



"Thank you for listing my house and making the whole process easy for me!" ~ Sherry



“As a seven-time homeowner who has lived in four states, I have a great deal of experience in the real estate process. The purchase and sale of a home is inherently stressful, often complex and occasionally emotional for the entire family. We have worked with a variety of real estate agents; some of these experiences were better than others. We moved to Collierville in September of 2012 after 13 years of living in Michigan. While we were happy to return to the Town, we were concerned that much had changed in the interim. We needed an experienced, professional agent who understood our family; one who took valuable time to ease us through this transition. Maureen Fraser and her dedicated work exceeded our highest expectations. Maureen expertly leveraged her knowledge of the Town, the local market and her contacts in the residential housing market. She went to great lengths to ensure that our entire family felt included in the process and welcomed to the community. She managed our home search with patience and thorough attention to detail. We are extremely happy in our new home in Village Park, and credit Maureen for facilitating the best relocation we have ever experienced.” ~ Daniel A. Bush



"House hunting can be so stressful. Maureen is the best." ~ Stephanie McKnight Goodwin



"Maureen is a great resource on properties." ~ Denyce Dean


"Maureen made it all happen for us. She encouraged us throughout the whole home building process and helped us find a property quickly. We consulted with her early and trusted her guidance. Because of her knowledge of Collierville, she helped us make our decision easier on what property to purchase. She's a hard worker, she knows what she's doing and she's very knowledgeable about the Collierville market. She'll get it done. There were very few properties available and we had to move quickly within 24 hours. She's quick and has such a good staff too. She helped us buy and close on the same day and that took a lot of coordinating and perfect timing. We sold our home in only 4 days with Maureen, and she advised us on timing to make it all work out smoothly. She really knows how to market your home. The pictures she takes to market your home are amazing! We can always spot Maureen's pictures on real estate listings since they're the best. She goes above and beyond to help her clients. I've known Maureen for many years. Our children went to school together and played soccer and band together. Like Maureen, we have lived in Collierville for over 19 years. We served in PTA activities together. When it came time to pick an agent, we didn't think of anyone else." ~ Candy Barton



“Maureen, you were few helpful in helping me locate a house and following through with the timeline I had for moving. Just wanted to thank you again. I will try to keep in touch and refer anyone inquiring about purchasing a home to you.” ~ Mary C. Jones


"Maureen is very attentive and listens to what you're looking for to match you with a house to fit your needs. She is very personable and I can call her anytime. I bought a house with her, sold it and bought another home with her help. When I call her, she knows exactly who I am. She always remembers all of her customers and bends over backwards to help people. I referred a friend who just bought a house in Collierville with her. I will never use another realtor in this area or recommend anyone else. She’s the best!" ~ Cesar Garces, Collierville, TN



"Maureen Fraser is the Best of the Best in Real Estate.  We have listed with her twice.  Both sold within a week at very close to the listed price.  She not only helped direct our efforts in preparing the house for sale but had excellent contacts with professionals to do the required work.  Her   advice on pricing based on research and local knowledge was right on the money giving us a quick sale at an excellent price.  Our last listing with her was after we had left the area.  She handled all the details in our absence and kept us well informed.  Her follow through prevented minor problems from becoming deal breakers.  After buying and selling many homes we’ve never encountered a real estate agent as professional and easy to deal with as Maureen Fraser.  Working with her was a distinct pleasure." ~ James Cloud


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